What's the difference between $VHP and $KOIN?

The primary distinction is that if you are a miner, you will be holding and using both. If you are not a miner then $VHP has no use outside of speculative trading or arbitraging for no other reason than it is a token that can be traded.

Things you can do with $KOIN

  • Burn $KOIN to create $VHP at a 1:1 ratio.
  • Use Mana (each unit of liquid $KOIN contains an equal unit of Mana, or 1:1).
  • Use $KOIN as collateral

Things you can do with $VHP

  • Produce blocks when the wallet containing it is registered to a block producing node.
  • Burn $VHP to create $KOIN at a 1:1 ratio (via block production)
  • Generate NEW $KOIN
  • Use $KOIN as collateral.

Between these two use cases, the main difference is that $VHP can produce new blocks and it has no Mana. At a block chain level, the conversion from $KOIN <-> $VHP in either direction is treated as equals however when converting $VHP back to $KOIN through block production, new $KOIN is generated and rewarded. You can think of the new $KOIN as the payment for the time you spent as a miner to process transactions.