Trouble Shooting Your Koinos Mining Node Installation

Version 1.0 (27/11/2022)
I will look to add more installation issues as they are reported by users.

Block numbers not visible in Powershell (AMQP Errors)

After running your Powershell (Installation Guide Step 03).
If you do not start to see these type of block numbers.

But instead see these error reports.

You will need to restart the installation.

01 Open Docker and select the Containers link.

You want to stop koinos-master. Click the square highlighted above to do this.
You will come back to this and click the same button to restart the process after completing the next step.

02 Open Explorer and go to the following folder c:\koinos\chain\blockchain
Delete all the files in that folder.

03 Go back into Docker and restart the koinos-master using the Actions button.

This should put your installation back on the right track.

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this is the easiest way to manage the node for windows users. You don’t need to deal with command line in this case and its simple clicking without having to worry about anything. You’ll see each time you interact with Docker Desktop, the corresponding response will popup in powershell.

I do find sometimes that you cannot stop the container using the button though. If you get shutdown errors, best bet is to nuke everything, then

docker system prune -a 
docker image prune -a

on everything and start over again.