GM Koinos Friends!

Several weeks ago, we successful submitted dozens of applications to OKCoin for a CEX listing request. If you haven’t already done so, please use this link to submit a token listing request form for OKCoin here: Share a project with us | Okcoin.

I want to thank you all again for taking a few moments out of your day to help us reach out to these exchanges. Today, I have another exchange for us to request a review from.


Kraken is a world known exchange that has been around since 2011 and they allow community members to submit new tokens for their teams review.

Please use this link to submit to Kraken:

You will need to fill out several areas, see this screenshot for which options to choose.

After successfully submitting the form, you should see a confirmation similar to the one I received below:

Additionally, you will need to provide a brief description of the token. Please briefly describe it using your own words to avoid appearing like a bot that copies and pastes the same description. I’ve shown a quick example of what I wrote below:

Koinos is a new level 1 blockchain created by the engineering team behind STEEM. It features fee-less smart contract execution using a resource management called Mana (Mana replaces fee based gas setups seen on many existing chains). Instead of having to buy Mana with a native token, Mana is free and available to KOIN token holders and is self regenerating. The more KOIN you hold, the more Mana you have, and all of it is controlled by the time it takes to regenerate.

While Mana cannot be separated from the native KOIN token, an authority structure built into the Koinos Blockchain allows non KOIN holders to use Mana as if they were also holding KOIN. Effectively, this means that end users no longer need to obtain KOIN to fuel dApps.

This greatly increases the accessibility of blockchain dApps and exposes many more users to blockchains in general. Increasing the pool of potential blockchain users also increases the number of users who may become token holders.

Despite the free to use nature of Koinos, strong demand for KOIN is still expected by dApp developers who need large amounts of KOIN (and its Mana) to offer their users a free to use blockchain experience.

Koinos has been in development since October 2020 and is current in its final design phase.

The third and final test net has been released and its github repo can be found here:
GitHub - koinos/koinos: Official home of the Koinos Blockchain. Use this umbrella repository to launch a Koinos cluster using Docker.

The teams website can be found here:

The Koinos Blockchain website and its whitepapers can be found here:
Thank You

When you are done, please indicate so or tag/DM me on discord or telegram. There is no particular reason I am keeping a list of people who submit right now, but it helps me understand how many people are actively engaged in the community and obviously how many submissions we have in total.

There are some users who are curious when the timing for CEX submission makes sense and I just want to give my 2 cents on the matter.

Requesting a CEX listing before main net launches doenst make sense its too soon!

Listing on a CEX is a much more engaged process than listing on a DEX. There are large sums of value of being transferred from one entity to the other and it often requires multiple parties involved including a legal team, dedicated market makers and many rounds of discussions and negotiations.
Even though we are requesting a CEX to review the KOIN token, it doesn’t mean that they will list it over night. In fact, requesting the review is only the first step and the actual listing may take place many months later, if it is successful.

Listing before main net will make the snapshot and main net token claim confusing!

In 2017/2018 several tokens were launched on Ethereum as ERC-20 tokens and used a snapshot + claim or swap feature. This was done in the past and it is not an overly uncomplicated process for Koinos. It would be great if the CEX listing came before main net and the exchanges supported the swap, but at the same time, it is equally acceptable for the snapshot and main net claim to occur after the CEX listing. Ultimately it is a matter of convince.

As existing ERC-20 KOIN token holders, you are all aware that a snapshot and claim will occur but you have not been given the full details on how it will happen simply because Koinos Group is will working on main net. But as Koinos Blockchain Engineer Michael Vandeberg said, it will look something like below, so rest assure, regardless of when KOIN gets listed, you will still always be able to collect your main net tokens!