How To: KAP and KAP+

KAP’s release date on the Koinos main net is April 19th! Once launched anyone may publicly purchase a KAP username and setup their KAP+ profile!

This guide will walk you through the entire process from soup to nuts.

You will need the following to begin:

  1. $KOIN, which you may acquire from
  2. Kondor wallet or My Koinos Wallet

For more information on how to use setup Kondor, check out my tutorial here: Starting with Kondor

Set up your Koinos wallet and visit to begin. Connect your wallet using the “Connect Wallet” button at the top right corner. You’ll have the option to use MKW or Kondor, but for this tutorial, we will use Kondor.


Clicking Connect Wallet will present a menu that allows you to select which wallet to connect, we’ll click on the Kondor Logo which is the purple winged icon on the left side.

Whether you chose to use Kondor or MKW, a popup will ask you to choose which wallet address you’d like to connect. Chose the account you wish to use and click accept.


Once you’ve connected your wallet, the top right corner of the page will show a preview of your wallet address and a custom identi-con. You are now ready to search for an account name by entering your chosen name into the “Pick your username” field and clicking the Search Account Name button.


In this example, we’re going to search for the name BurnKoin .
Since this name is available, we’ll get the “Its available!” message and the option to claim your name. The menu at the bottom helps you adjust the name and figure out the cost for a shorter or longer name. Have fun and play around with it!

NOTE! Your name is NOT reserved when it is in your cart! You must complete the order to own the name.

To complete your purchase, click Claim your name and a sidebar cart menu will open where you can check out or search for more names to add.

If your name is not available, you’ll be alerted and be able to see the profile of the current owner.

KAP names will be sold based on a fixed USD price shown in our pricing page. This means you are paying an amount of $KOIN based on its USD value. KAP has a price oracle that pulls the market rate from MEXC marketplace found here: MEXC KOIN_USDT. You’ll find that the $KOIN price will vary based on its live price. This is intentional because we want to ensure that $KOIN price fluctuations do not impact your purchasing decision.

After clicking Checkout, a wallet popup will appear that allows you to complete the transaction. Kondor wallet is constantly evolving so I won’t be presenting the how this appears but, you can confirm the transaction and if successful, you’ll see the following message

Congratulations, you now own your KAP username! This will automatically allow you to access our account manager page.

You will always be able to access your account editor at this link Account Editor or by clicking on your identi-con at the top right and clicking Manage Account.


Every KAP username comes with a KAP+ account which is located at<your-account>.koin. Here’s my KAP+ account for example:
My KAP+ Profile

Click the chevron next to Pick a Name and click the name you own, in this case, we just bought burnkoin.koin so we’ll select that one. If you have multiple names, you’ll see them all here.

You can also adjust your profile biography, adjust the background color for your KAP+ include social links to your favorite social media sites or even a custom URL.

If you use twitter for example, you just need to add your twitter handle, the link will be automatically generated for you. You can also delete it using the trash icon button.

Once you complete all your changes, click “Save Changes” and commit them as a transaction on chain.

If you own an NFT, you can set it as your avatar. In this example, we’ll be applying an OG-Rex NFT that this wallet. To do this, insert the smart contract address for your chosen NFT and the index number for the NFT that you own. You can only display NFTs that you own. Once you enter this data, give a second as it will verify and pull the image.

To commit this, click Save Changes and submit a transaction to the blockchain. You can change any of these pieces of information at any time you like by committing them to the blockchain.

Once everything is completed, visit your KAP+ profile and share it like any web2 link by looking at the following URL and replacing with your new KAP user name.<your-name>.koin

Here’s how would appear.

Thats it!


Q: Can I have multiple names?
A: Yes! You can have as many names as you like, but you can only ever set 1 of them as your primary name

Q: Do all my names have a KAP+ link?
A: All names have a KAP+ link, however the link always redirect to which ever is the set primary name.

Q: Can I use an non NFT as my profile avatar?
A: Currently no. You can only display the image of an NFT that you own

Q: When are free accounts coming?
A: We plan on rolling out free accounts by the end of the year

Q: When are Mana Stations coming?
A: We plan on rolling out Mana Stations by Q3