How Much $KOIN should I deposit/burn?

If you have for example, 10,000 $KOIN and intend on solo mining, you can achieve a maximum yield of ~4% under the idea conditions but you must maintain a steady $VHP level. This means you have to reburn on a daily basis or at a minimum once per a week to get close to maximum yield.

One option is to write a script or do it manually. Doing so means you only reburn enough to keep your $VHP levels steady and the remaining yield stays liquid as $KOIN.

Another option is to withdraw $KOIN as it becomes available from the BurnKoin $KOIN pool. There are some advantages and disadvantages to this option. If you are a smaller user, then you will be able to withdraw more $KOIN on a daily basis then you would generate from solo mining. Consequently, you will need to do some extra work to check whats available and think ahead of how much you’ll need in the future (for mana or if you plan on selling during a price spike).