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I have an idea that I already talked about in the Telegram group.

It would be a decentralized password manager, just as Bitwarden but with no central server. Each user would be able to store his passwords on the blockchain, encrypted with their private address using a secured algorithm (don’t know which one).

Koinos would enable it with free transactions so that you can store a new password for free (or modify it)

Share with me your idea about this potentiel Dapp.

2 thoughts:

  1. If you have secret data, probably best to store it off chain. Encryption isn’t quantum resistant, so the data could be hacked on a public blockchain in time. This matters more for things like protected health information. Passwords could always be changed.
  2. If websites start allowing you to log in with your wallet by signing something with your private key, passwords are no longer needed. You will likely always need a few passwords, though, so integrating those with your wallet could be useful.

I think the idea could be worthwhile